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Greg Bruce Christine Leahy Michael Leahy

Live Q&A w/ Greg Bruce, Created to Be Free Mentoring

A Talk by Michael Leahy CPM, CPC , Greg Bruce CPM and Christine Leahy

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About this Talk

Join Michael and Christine for this engaging conversation with new Certified Professional Mentor Greg Bruce.

May 14, 2021, 12:00 AM

12:00 AM - 01:15 AM

About The Speakers

Michael Leahy

Michael Leahy CPM, CPC

Founder & Co-CEO, BraveHearts

BraveHearts Founder & Co-CEO, CPM (Certified Professional Mentor), CPC (Certified Pastoral Counselor), and Co-Host of the Renew Summit

Greg Bruce

Greg Bruce CPM

Certified Professional Mentor, Addiction Specialist, Created To Be Free Mentoring

BraveHearts' Certified Professional Mentor, "Marriage Redeemed" conference speaker, Family Educator, International Group Leader for Pure Desire, Discipleship Trainer, recovered addict, Professional Educator, blogger

Christine Leahy

Christine Leahy

Co-CEO, BraveHearts

BraveHearts Co-CEO and Co-Host of the Renew Summit