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Valerie Malicki MA, LPCC, CPM

Professional Wellness & Wild Dreams Mentor, Eve's Joy Professional Mentoring Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Certified Professional Mentor. Two decades experience as an educator, coach&/or licensed counselor culminates into being an experienced field guide, a.k.a. certified mentor. Passionate about mentoring women into Joy, Wellness and Wild Dreams. Founder, Eve's Joy Professional Mentoring.

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Homesteader and homeschooler of 4 blessings. Lover and friend to my loyal husband for over 15 years. Fueled by unplugged days with lipstick, dry shampoo, ball caps, yogas, kisses, and a long country prayer walk. Blessed Daughter of The King! Wellness, Wild Dreams & Joy Mentor.

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Transitioning from Crisis to Catharsis to Connection

May 16, 2021, 05:00 PM
Valerie Malicki