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Mary Whitman Ortiz MA, CLC

Christian Sex Educator, Relationship Coach, Limitless Intimacy, LLC Certified Life Coach and Christian Sex Educator, Relationship Coach, speaker, and author of Why Can't I Talk to Hm about Sex? and Why Can't I Talk to Her about Sex?

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Mary is the founder of Limitless Intimacy, LLC, a Christian coaching practice that helps you overcome roadblocks to intimacy so you can create a sex life you enjoy. She lives in Jacksonville, FL with her husband, Tim, and Miniature Schnauzer, Niki. Together, they have four adult children and enjoy jet-skiing and travel.

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Love Sense Introductory Special - 50% Off! Talking about intimacy issues can be awkward. You may wonder if you can truly give yourself that way again. The hurt tries to rob you of feeling free, to be comfortable in your own skin. But you know that's NOT where you want to stay. You're ready to address your roadblocks to sexual intimacy so you can enjoy fun and fulfillment like God's original design for marriage. The Love Sense Introductory Special combines a clarifying questionnaire and coaching session to give you a plan for how you want to show up in intimacy. * 50% OFF a $150 initial private coaching session (with clarifying questionnaire) Valued at $75


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Riding Out the Waves of Emotional Turmoil and Uncertainty

May 16, 2021, 09:00 PM
Mary Whitman Ortiz